3 Ways To Use Essential Oils To Help Manage Stress

Some of the biggest things I have noticed over the last six months is the amount of stress everyone is under. Now before you say duh! There is a Pandemic going on right now! Hear me out…


Through talking with many friends about how their work environment changed to their current living arrangements to even how home schooling their children was going there was one large factor in it all…stress.


Stress is a silent killer. The consequences of not managing stress can have huge effects on your body over time. When your body feels stressed it releases the hormone called cortisol. This hormone causes many things to occur through the body. It stimulates your flight or fight response by raising your blood pressure, increasing your blood sugar, and ultimately preparing many other bodily functions to ultimately practice self preservation.


While there are studies that show that there is a certain stressors that are considered good for the body. Good stress is called Eustress. This includes things like buying a house, having a child, getting a promotion for all the hard work you have done. It is always a temporary stressor. There are parents that will tell me that having a child cause 18+ years of stress as your babies grow into young adults but the key with Eustress is adaptation. Your body adapts to manage the stress effectively and efficiently, and eventually your body creates a new equilibrium. Where as bad stress is long-term and it is not something that the body easily adapts to. Your body just stays in the constant fight or flight response and that could potentially lead to major consequences like high blood pressure, gastric issues, heart burn, a weakened immunity and many other things including increasing your risk for a heart attack.


We have collected some easy ways you can implement into your  busy lifestyle to help you relax and reduce your stress using essential oils.

 1. Diffuse Lavender Oil before bed.

Lavender is probably he most well known oil for relaxation aromatherapy properties. Lavender is also one of very few oils that can be applied directly to the skin. We actually suggest that you put lavender oil in your diffuser where ever you are for about two hours before bed to help you reach a calm and relaxed state before trying to go to sleep. I personally practice this tip quite regularly to help me slow down after a busy day. I have even gone as far as to put a few drops on my fiancés pillow if he is tossing and turning trying to fall asleep

2. Shower or bath at night.

Science has been able to prove through multiple studies that taking a warm bath or shower before bed can actually help induce relaxation or sleep. Want to help yourself even more? Add in a Lavender Bath bomb or a Shower steamer blended to help you relax and use the aromatherapy to calm you and leave the bathroom smelling great!

3. Use Lemongrass oil in a diffuser while meditating before bed.

Meditation has shown to be effective to help clear the mind and bring the body back to a centered and rooted feeling. Decreasing respiration's, clearing the mind and focusing on your breath filling your lungs and exiting out imagining all the stress exciting with that breath is a powerful tool. Combined with Aromatherapy and using that to help create a feeling of relaxation is a great combination to help you get a restful sleep. Many might do yoga before bed to stretch and move a sore achy body after a tough days work.


Let us know if you have tried any of these and have noticed a difference! We know what works for us but we would love to have your feedback as well!