Benefits of Exfoliating

Exfoliation is one of the absolute best things you can do for your skin! In my opinion it is the most underrated skin care technique in the world. The sad thing is... I am not even exaggerating one bit! Exfoliating takes off dead skin, dirt, excess sebum, and make up that can settle and clog pores. And as we all know... clogged pores lead to acne infections and irritations. 


I love to exfoliate minimum twice a week with a mild exfoliant. This removes makeup and oil that way not have gotten strip off with my regular facial cleanser. Now, the key is to find the right exfoliant. Specific scrubs that use ingredients can be too harsh and actually leave micro-scratches on your skin leaving it in a more irritated situation then before you even exfoliated. The key is to search for scrubs that use either sugar or salt as the exfoliant. This is because after being processed the crystals have become rounded. These are much less likely to cause the scratching. They will however, still do the job of a mild exfoliant. 


Now the second biggest question I get about exfoliation. Oil based or Foaming. I personally prefer the foaming and don't worry ill tell you why. Oils can potentially actually absorb the impurities that you are trying to move and then if the product has been built correctly that absorbs into the skin... yuck! The exact thing you are trying to get rid of just got invited right back in with an open door policy! This is the exact reason I prefer the mild foaming sugar scrubs and the exact reason I designed our sugar scrubs to be a mild foaming scrub. I want to lift away the dirt, grime, and sebum from the skin without actually over drying it. 


Wait?!? You can over dry it? Yes! You can! Your skin actually has a natural defence system called the hydro-lipid barrier. This barrier is vital for protecting your skin as well as, keeping it moisturizer and nourished. If your skin has been stripped of this natural protectant then it will feel tight, rough and possibly irritated. Now finding a balance for your specific skin type can be a nightmare. Especially with acne-prone or combination skin. Fear not! There are scrubs out there that actually are developed for all skin types! Now,  I’m not here to brag about our scrub but i will tell you that my obsessive compulsive disorder would not let me rest until i had a scrub designed that worked for all skin types. 


The next reason why I LOVE exfoliating is after you have removed all the impurities the expensive facial products like your moisturizers, toners, anti-aging products, or masks actually work better! There is nothing left in their way to absorb correctly and efficiently. 


There are so many benefits to exfoliating but i am the only one that likes to listen to me talk for an extended period of time so i will leave you there with an over-view of the benefits for now. I will touch on specific things further down the road. If you would like to stay updated on the upcoming exfoliation blogs just subscribe and ill let you know!