Ice Cube Beauty Hacks

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It’s three days before your event and the dreaded stress pimple has reared its ugly head. So... instead of being noticed for the wrong reason we have come up with some acne hacks involving an everyday item that you have in your freezer right now.... Ice Cubes! 


This is an trick that is for some reason a well-kept secret. I personally use this all the time. Puffy eyes?.... ice cube. Enlarged pores?.... Ice cube. Need to calm that pimple down?... you guessed it.. yet another ice cube. 


Here is why this works.... When you have swelling or redness there is an extreme amount of inflammation that you body is trying to make you aware of. Placing an ice cube on your pimple or puffy eyes can actually help remove that inflammation and restrict the blood vessels back down to their normal size. This is also what gives the illusion of tightened skin. There is also science that has proven that doing this can actually improve blood flow to the area helping to deliver the required nutrients to heal your pimple faster. 


I usually wrap the ice cube in a damp paper towel and place where needed. I hold it for about three to five minutes. Always make sure you use this trick to your tolerance, some are more sensitive to hot and cold and can not tolerate the time lengths others can. So please use your discretion while using. 


Now... How does this work for enlarged pores? Obviously this is not a cure. And I have some unfortunate news.... you are genetically programmed to have a certain pores. It is physically in your DNA. There is no cream, or gel that will permanently shrink them. However, I have personally found that using and ice cube on my “problem areas” does help restrict the pores for a short time which helps my primer apply easier and my make up set better. For me this has helped clear acne up because the make up just isn’t getting in to my pores as much and sitting there all day before I take it off. 


Try these hacks for yourself and let us know if they made a difference for you!