Love is in the air!

This Valentine’s Day is going to be special! Why not grab a little something for your partner that encourages relaxation and self care? Why not grab a little something for yourself? 

Christmas is always sooo busy and stressful. I actually remember a teacher from nursing school that told us Mondays are statistically the highest for heart attacks. And the Monday after Christmas.... always a day that you never wanted to work.  Just the pure thought of work and what someone had to go back to was enough to cause a catastrophic system failure. 

Now... obviously there are other factors that all add up to a heart attack happening however, statistics don’t lie. 

It got me thinking... 


Why do the holidays have to be so stressful? For me personally Christmas and Valentine’s Day have always been stressful. I always want to get the perfect, most thoughtful gift for my family and friends. 

The second I started creating the product line it dawned on me. If I can start helping people relax and take some time for themselves again. Why wouldn’t I? 

Not everyone Takes a bath. But they will shower! So the Shower Steamers were created! We used carefully selected blends to make sure the user gets the most out of the aromatherapy process as possible! 


The Beauty Sleep shower steamers are the go-to for the individual wanting to focus on relaxation. These are great for relaxing. 

If someone is sick the Cold Buster Shower steamers are the “Bomb” Cheesy I know... however we designed these to contain as much  essential oils as the government will allow us! 

If your a citrus lover you can’t steer wrong with the Citrus Sunrise blend that is in our Citrus Sunrise Shower Steamer Blend. 

The Focus Pocus Blend is a blend that is a little earthier scent created to help you focus and concentrate. 

And.... all these are 25% Off until February 4th! 
Use code “VALENTINES” at check out and enjoy!