Tips to Clear Your Acne

Over the years I have been told many things about diet and acne. I would get told everything under the sun including that I was drinking to much milk and that was making my acne worse. I was eating to many fatty foods. I wasn't drinking enough water.  Literally everything was making it worse but then when you ask for tips or tricks to get the acne to disappear NO BODY had a straight forward, no bull answer. 


The truth.... there is not a single one thing that is the “simple fix” to acne. Diet is only part of the equation. There are so many other factors out there. Physically activity, genetics, stress, hormones, the environment all play a key factor in how your body can handle infections. Yes... acne is considered an infection. 


A study showed that, “Seventy-four percent of patients waited more than 1 year before seeking medical attention for acne. Nonprescription products used most frequently were cleansers, acne pads, and lotions. Acne was most often believed to be caused by hormonal and genetic factors, although diet, poor skin hygiene, and infection were also implicated. Information on acne was obtained primarily from family physicians, mass media, friends, and family, but was largely believed to be inadequate. Acne was believed to be curable by 49% of patients with an anticipated treatment duration of less than 6 months. Male patients and those with severe acne preferred systemic therapy compared with female patients and those with lesser grades of acne.” (1) 


Unfortunately waiting a whole year on average leaves an entire year of potential scarring and damage from the breakouts. I encourage everyone to seek a physicians guidance well before a year of spending money on products that wont work. However, you can make simple changes that in fact can help lessen the irritation now while your waiting to see a doctor. 


I can share the “simple things” that I did that helped to clear my skin. 


  1. I drink a minimum of 3 litres of water a day. More if i drink any coffee, work out, or if it’s excessively hot. This helps flush toxins from your body and helps you to maintain healthy hydrated skin. 
  2. I clean my phone screen EVERY DAY. This is entirely important because of all of the oil and dirt that gets transferred to your phone skin. 
  3. Change Pillow cases every two-three days. Same thing as the phone. Sebum gets transferred to your pillow case at night. 
  4. Used a moisturizer regularly
  5. Exfoliate 1-2 Times a week with a mild exfoliant. 
  6. STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. I was in a bad habit of resting many chin on my hand. And every time i did this I transferred dirt, oils, germs, and more onto my skin. 
  7. Saw a Doctor and got a referral to a Dermatologist who could access the acne infection. 


Learn from my lessen and take care of your skin. Seek assistance before its to late and you will thank yourself for years to come. 





(1) Beliefs and Perceptions in Patients with Acne, Jerry K.L.TanMD, FRCPa, KirstenVasey B., Karen Y.Fung PhDc, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Volume 44, Issue 3, March 2001, Pages 439-445