Top 5 Must Have Essential Oils

Is you medicine cabinet empty or low on essential oils? We have collected our top 5 favourite essential oils for your medicine cabinet. 




Peppermint - 


I have wrote about peppermint oil before and its benefits. But what I haven’t said is peppermint is by far the most versatile oil in our medicine cabinet. Just last week I used peppermint oil to help relive a sinus infection and two days later relive some persistent hiccups. I am not kidding when I say that this oil is my absolute FAVOURITE! A biased opinion, I know but there is a reason why this oil is the most frequently used essential oil through our entire product line... simply put... it works! Check out our blog about peppermint essential oil or our blog about the Cold Buster Shower Steamers 


This essential oil retails for $30.00 CAD for a 15 mL bottle.




Sweet Orange - 


One of the most well known and statistically a crowd favourite. This oil is no joke. the uplifting, invigorating, and fresh scent is commonly used in perfumes, and fragrances. It is a very common essential oil used in soaps and bath bombs. It’s scent is easily recognized. Studies have shown that this oil has been proven to help enlighten ones moods. Using this in a diffuser will leave your house smelling fresh and clean. Perfect to come home to after a day of work or relaxing Sunday morning. 


This oil retails for $15.50 CAD for a 15 mL bottle. 




Eucalyptus - 


This amazing oil is our go to if we run out of Peppermint Essential Oil! This oil is the “best thing since sliced bread” when you are sick. Use alone or mix at a 1:1 drop ratio in your diffuser to help clear those clogged sinuses. This oil has been found to have anti-inflammatory benefits. This is what helps to reduce swelling in the sinuses and nasal cavity. 


I personally have this oil constantly going in the diffuser the second either myself our my fiancé start showing cold symptoms. 


This oil retails for $20.00 CAD for a 15 mL bottle. 




Lavender  - 


This oil is well known for its ability to create a sense of relaxation, helping to calm anxiety, stress and possibly induce a better sleep. How does this amazing oil do this? Through aromatherapy the oil has been found to extend sleep cycles enabling a more rested sleep. This oil is the main oil found in our Beauty Sleep Essential Oil blend and Beauty Sleep Shower Steamers. 


This oil retails for $32.00 CAD for a 15 mL bottle.  




Frankincense - 


I do not know if it is right to say that I have saved the best for last... All of these oils are amazing but this oil is something special.


This oil has some very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. There has been some studies started to investigate this oils benefits for things like arthritis and cancer. While the results have not been released yet I am excited to see how they have broken down the oil to benefit both diseases. 


This oil has been known to help oral health and help to reduce inflammation  and swelling. If has been used in diffusers for years because of this benefit. Allergy season is the most popular season for this oil as many customers have used in in their diffusers to lessen the effects of allergies and asthma during the spring and fall season. 


This oil retails for $25.00 CAD for a 15 mL bottle.