What does your Lipstick shade say about you?


Colour psychology has and always will be something I take an interest to. I have always loved to see the different accent colours everyone chooses to use in their homes. Their favourite colour that they cant live with out. Psychologists have done study after study to determine an emotion or feeling that a particular colour can cause. 


So... what’s your go to lipstick colour?


Red- Red is the colour of passion, determination, and drive. It’s powerful and if this is your go-to shade so are you! Your energy is can not be tamed. But be careful! This colour can also be intimidating to others as it is perceived as strong and bold! Your courage and strength will help you through tough times. 


Pink- This colour is received as playful, loving, and a little spontaneous. Your nurturing side has practicality in mind as this simple, yet striking lip can take you from day to night looks with a flirty vibe. Trustful and friendly your the one your friends call for advice. 


Magenta - the colour that means you have it all together. Or... you try to at least! Emotionally balanced, and level headed you are a leader. This bold colour also means that you might be blunt and straight forward. It’s never unknown what your thinking. 


Purple - Your creative mind has given you the ability to excel in anything you have put your mind on. Your adventurous side has been a force to reckon with! You are the one everyone loves to hang out with! 


Black- Your are a mysterious one. You always like to have the upper hand and enjoy knowing that others don’t know everything about you. But when you trust someone your all in. 


Nude - You are protective and people see you as a secure friend that they can trust. You like comfort and you like to know that your lipstick is a natural compliment to the day look that you slay. you might not like to be picked out of larger crowds but you have a reliability and reassurance that friends and family love.