What Oil is our go-to if you run out of Peppermint oil?

I don’t know about you but this cold/flu that is going around is killer. It has been the worse thing to hit me for many years. Energy was way down and of course it comes at the busy time of year. So i wanted to highlight on two essential oils that are interchangeable for those times when that snuffy nose just wont clear. 


Peppermint and Eucalyptus. 


I have used peppermint essential oil for years. I have however forgotten to replace the bottle of peppermint from time to time and it never fails.... I get a cold. Naturally, because life wouldn’t be interesting without colds! 


My next go-to? Eucalyptus! What an amazing little secret! Not nearly as frequently used or sought after as peppermint. I always find this oil helps to clear congestion and has helped lessen my coughs and sore throat when ever I have had one! 


I mix two drops of essential oil with half a tablespoon of unscented lotion and put this on my throat. The Soothing and anti inflammatory properties help to relive a minor sore throat and congestion. 


We also use Eucalyptus as an immune booster in our household. Using it to ward of coughs and colds when we feel them coming on. The second you feel yourself getting sick you can use  the essential oil in your diffuser when you home and while you are sleeping to help open clogged and inflamed passageways. We recommend using 3-5 drops in your diffuser when you are fighting a cold. 


Remember! ALL of the KDL essential oils are 100% Pure essential oil! A little goes a long way!