Why you NEED a Bath Bomb...

Want or Need? Same difference to me! Just kidding there is a very large difference between the two. I am however, going to tell you why you NEED a bath bomb in your bath. 


There are many ingredients in our bath bombs that were carefully curated to make the ultimate relaxation experience readily available to the people that need it! Relaxation is seriously something that not very many actually get to achieve. They feel that they need a all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas in order to get the relaxation they crave. 


Ive got a little secret for you... 


There are a ton of other benefits to bath bombs other then the well known relaxation bit.


They can actually be a skin treatment. Our bath bombs were carefully created with skin care being the main focus... 


Now i know that may sound weird because when you think of bath bombs you think of bubbles, coloured bath water, and of course the smells! However, that actually was not our main focus. Those things just naturally happen when you make a bath bomb. I wanted more. I wanted a bath bomb that was classified as a skin treatment before we even added the essential oils, and cosmetics-grade colorants. 


So began the research and development phase.


You will always see on the packaging that we actually use Dead Sea Mineral Salts in our bath bombs. This is actually because the Dead Sea mineral salts have a higher concentration of minerals then “regular” Epsom salts. This allows use to have a more effective skin and sore muscle treatment. 


Next we have a moisturizing ingredient in our bath bombs... Coconut oil! But this isn’t just any old coconut oil. Ours has been specifically formulated to readily absorb into the skin. 


If you were to by a jar of coconut oil off the shelf and put it on your skin you will notice that it actually doesn’t really absorb. Your just left feeling... sticky. This is because of how the coconut molecule is created. It’s actually to big to be easily absorbed into your skin! It can be a great barrier for your skin, and has been used for years for tanning, but regardless... your glistening goddess look still sucks when you are putting on clothes and it gets all over them! So you have to look for specific coconut oils that can be used for moisturization. 


Next we have SLSA. This is a naturally derived skin softener and surfactant that comes from palm oils, and coconut oils. This little gem leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It is actually commonly found in conditioners both professional and natural. This is because of its softening ability! It truly creates a well-round treatment packed into one little bath bombs. 


Next came carefully selecting Cosmetic-grade colorants that are non-toxic! It makes no sense that there are even colorants available that are toxic on the market! 


And lastly.... the fragrance. I honestly spend a solid month testing our a scent before its added to a bath bomb in trial. Its defused. Compared. Re-formulated. And then eventually... once its is absolutely perfect and true to the goal scent. Its then begins the trial phase of my personal favourite part.... product testing... Quality assurance is very important. Fortunately its not just the KDL team having a bath all the time to test these products. I am very proud to say that all bath bombs are well tested before they are released! 


We have quite a few varieties of scents available including a few new all-natural bath bombs! Take a look and don’t be hesitant to ask questions!